Has your car broken down unexpectedly and you don't know what to do? If so, you'll need to contact a roadside assistance company to help take you and your vehicle to a local repair shop. Here are some tips for what you need to do in this situation. 

Use Your Hazard Lights

You want to make sure that other drivers see your car on the side of the road, especially if there is not a clear shoulder or parking lot that you can pull into. It is always best to put on your hazard lights to draw attention to your vehicle. It will alert other drivers that something is up and help them avoid your car on the road. It would also be a good time to set out roadside reflectors or flairs if you have them.

Stay Inside Your Vehicle If Possible 

You'll want to stay in your vehicle when it's possible to do so. There is a risk of leaving the vehicle to further investigate the problem because you could be hit by another vehicle by accident. If you are checking under the hood of the vehicle, you could be fatally injured if someone were to rear-end your parked vehicle. That's why the safest place to stay is in your vehicle with the seatbelt on. 

Know Where To Stay Safe

If you must exit the vehicle because it is overheating and smoke is coming out from under the hood, be conscious of the cars around you and where you are standing. Rather than stand in front of the vehicle, stand behind it and off to the side of the road. This will protect you if someone were to hit your vehicle unexpectedly. 

If it is dark outside or you do not feel safe being out of your vehicle, you will want to head to a local business to wait for help. A roadside assistance company can pick you up at your location and take you back to your vehicle to ensure that you are not waiting alone for help. 

Use The Parking Brake 

If your car breaks down on an incline where the car can potentially roll away, remember to put on the parking brake to keep the car stationary. Another trick is to actually turn the steering wheel so that the wheels face the shoulder or curb, which will cause the vehicle to roll away from traffic if the brakes become disengaged.