There are times when your car needs to be transported somewhere and driving it is not possible. Depending on the vehicle, choosing the right towing services to do the job is essential, and how they move the car can be critical to it getting there without any damage.

Vehicle Breakdowns

When most people think about towing services, they think about a vehicle broken down on the road that needs to get to a repair shop. That is a common reason to call a tow company, and it is vital that if you are calling because of a breakdown, they get there quickly. 

Emergency towing services are typically available twenty-four hours a day and can have a truck come to your location to pick up your car. The cost may need to be paid upfront, but you may not need to pay anything if you have an auto club or roadside services membership. 

Make sure you let the towing services company know you are broken down so they can get a truck to you as quickly as possible and get you and your car safely off the road and to a shop that can help you.

Repair Transfers

Sometimes, a shop working on a vehicle like a restoration or custom car will need to move the car from one shop to another. A paint shop may need to send the vehicle to a media blaster or a transmission shop, and if the vehicle is not running, the best way to do that is to hire towing services to move the car. 

The tow company needs to know the car is not running and if there is a specific way to be transported. Sometimes the vehicle will need covering during the move and may require a flatbed transport truck to winch the car onto the truck. 

Limiting Miles or Protecting The Car

Another reason to consider towing services to move your vehicle may be to limit the mileage on the car. For instance, a classic car that is worth a lot of money and has very low miles on it may benefit from being transported to a location to keep the mileage down. 

This can also help protect the car from the damage it might receive on the road when it is moved. Towing services that make these kinds of moves know how to treat the car and either transport it inside a closed trailer or cover the vehicle on the back of the flatbed, and they often have straps and other equipment to secure the car without damaging paint or scratching the car.

For more information, reach out to a towing service today.