The bed of a pickup truck provides you with a large amount of space to carry various products, but you want to be confident in the security of whatever you have in your truck bed. There are a couple of options for enclosing this space that you'll want to consider. One product is a tonneau cover and another is a truck cap. You'll find multiple examples of each product at any automotive accessories retailer, so you can take stock of your options and choose what's best for your vehicle. While a truck cap offers some advantages, you may find that a tonneau cover is a better choice for these reasons.

Better Visibility

A truck cap is a larger structure than a tonneau cover. Typically, its roof lines up with the roof of your cab. While there's lots of storage space beneath a cap, a big drawback is that you'll have visibility challenges when you drive. For example, you won't be able to see behind your truck when you look in your center rear-view mirror, which means that you'll need to rely fully on your two side mirrors. Some drivers can feel uneasy about this lack of visibility. A tonneau cover can be a better choice because it sits at the top of the truck bed, allowing you to use your center mirror with no issues.

Sleeker Look

While you're likely thinking about functionality when you shop for a tonneau cover or a truck cap, it's also important to consider how this aftermarket product will affect the appearance of your truck. A lot of people find that a tonneau cover offers a sleek, stylish look on their vehicle, thanks to its low profile design. Conversely, a truck cap's large size can dramatically affect the look of your truck, perhaps making it appear bulkier than you'd like.

Easier Storage

You'll likely keep whatever product you buy on your truck most of the time, but there may be scenarios in which you wish to temporarily remove it so that you can carry something oversized in the bed of the truck. When you remove the cap or tonneau cover, you'll need a place to securely store it. For many people, this will be their garage. Because it's significantly smaller, a tonneau cover is much easier to store. The large size of a truck cap can simply be too large if your garage has minimal storage space. Contact a company like FTM Land, Mobile and Marine Solutions.