An air conditioning system is a nice convenience to have in a car, whether it is needed on a regular basis or not. Sitting in a hot car for even a few minutes can be life-threatening and miserable when the temperature outside is high. If your air conditioner isn't producing cold air properly, several parts of the system can be the cause of the problem. You can attempt troubleshooting the problem in your own, but in the end, you will likely need help from a professional. After reading through the content of this article, your knowledge of car air conditioning system problems will be increased.

The Air Compressor is Damaged

The air compressor is vital to the operation of the air conditioning system in your car. The compressor can begin having problems or stop working altogether for various reason. A low level of refrigerant is one of the things that can break down an air compressor, such as if your car has needed a refill for a long time. When the compressor goes too long without refrigerant, it begins to shed metal and get damaged in other ways. The metal flakes get into other parts of the air conditioning system and interfere with the amount of cold air you are able to receive. 

Refrigerant Has Been Leaking Out

There is a part called the evaporator core in your car that is needed for cold air production to take place. The core works by using the refrigerant in the vehicle to remove heat from the air that is sent into the system by the blower. A low level of cold air can possibly be resolved by hiring a professional to place more refrigerant in your car. The possibility that refrigerant has been leaking out should also be something that you are concerned about. A hose might need to be replaced to stop the leak from happening.

Something is Wrong with the Blower

If you are only able to feel a small amount of cold air coming through the vents in your car, the blower might be the cause. The blower has a fan that rotates to produce air but can malfunction if the fan blades are damaged. The blades can also rotate more slowly if they are dirty and need to be thoroughly cleaned by a professional. The blower motor can be the problem as well if it has become weak and can no longer provide a sufficient amount of power to the fan.

For more information on broken compressor repair, contact your local auto repair shop.